Vertical Blinds Carlisle, for great 3 for 2 Offers

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Roller Blinds Workington

stylish design

Grey is the new beige, new fabrics for 2016 include the very latest colours and designs


All blinds are installed in accordance with the 2014 Child Safety Laws, (No Loose Cords)

Roller Blinds Workington

sences safety

Eclipse Sences Safety Blinds are now fitted as Standard, using "Memory Design"


Blinds in Childrens rooms are fitted with Extra Safety Products at "No Extra Charge"

Roller Blinds Workington


Manufactured in Carlisle, in our new purpose designed factory, for great quality control.


Brushed Steel, Black Chrome, Antique Gold and Aluminium Fittings are all Available

Roller Blinds Workington

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5 Year Guarantee Blinds Workington

3 Years on Standard Blinds

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100% Satisfaction Promised

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100% Child Safe Blinds

5 Years, Shutters & Roof Sails


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Roller Blinds Workington